Farm Fest

Great gig at Farm Fest. The set went well, without any hitches & the first proper performance by Bonnie Wrongford.
Smallest audience ever; literally they were mostly under the age of 5! If we can appeal to infants then the chances are we’re on to a good thing.
Next the band are set to write a whole new set for a tour later this year.

Saturday 19th May at No.51 Stokes Croft


In collaboration with video artist Gideon Berridge, Pop Surrealist Joe Sorren, Bath Spa university dance students and story board designers to inject theatre & visual excitement into the live show.

Soundtrack used in BBC Documentary

“The Battle of Stokes Croft” 7.30p, 19th December uses Warpspeed’s new EP for a feature in documentary.


The ever evolving project is taking some interesting twists and turns. Psychitzophrenic maybe; the extrovert that is screaming to stay in.
The tune ‘Liquid’ is the post party chill out tune, resembling a film soundtrack with the ever soothing voice of Alicja, whereas the Diffusion remix (with collaboration with Jon Savage) has a more primal call.

Both mastered by the remarkable Toby Marks.


EP Release

Artwork by Mr Joe Sorren